6 Easy Steps to Quickly Create an Email Marketing Campaign


A perfect email marketing campaign demands a perfect plan. Striking a balance between strategy and execution allows brands to leverage the benefits of email marketing and meet their marketing goals. Fortunately, it’s no rocket science. All you have to do is follow the steps we will share in this post. Let’s build a successful email marketing campaign, shall we?


Set marketing goals

Begin by clearly mentioning your marketing goals. Find what you want out of the email marketing campaign, i.e., the goal you wish to accomplish in every campaign. The goals can be conversion, traffic, engagement, or email list expansion. Make sure the goals are measurable and straightforward. This will help you track the progression and build better campaigns in the future.


Select an email template

We suggest you build an email marketing campaign using a template. It’s so much easier than building one from scratch. We can help you create one just for you, though. Anyway, the pre-designed templates can be easily customized for your brand in a short amount of time. We wouldn’t focus on creating a fancy or complicated email marketing campaign if we were you. Just stick to improving the critical pieces of your email like header/footer and use of whitespace.


Create compelling copy

Another essential element that you will have to consider is the email copy. Creating a compelling and enticing copy is not a child’s play. From name to the subject line to preview text to headlines, you will have to nail your choice of words and tone. Since you want the recipients to take action after reading the email, you’d like to add a solid call to action as well.


Check compliance

Check whether or not your email campaign complies with the GDPR. Allow the recipients to opt-out of the campaigns. Provide them the option to unsubscribe from the email. Also, don’t send irrelevant emails to the recipients. You don’t want them to report your emails as spam. Even a single reported email might make Google push your mails in the spam folder.


Test and execute

Before you begin pushing out the emails, make sure you spend enough time testing them. Send a test email to check if the copy, links, and interactive content works just like you intended. Run A/B tests to check if you can use a better version of the campaign. Once tested, schedule the selected campaign.


Analyze and optimize

Lastly, keep monitoring the campaign and measure the results. It is crucial that you analyze the campaign and optimize it for better performance. You might want to track the unique opens, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, spam complaints, and other performance metrics.