7 Compelling Reasons to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

As far as professionals are concerned, LinkedIn is the pre-eminent social network to reach out to other businesses and network with professionals if you’re looking to employ B2B social media tactics and disseminate marketing content. By allowing you to build relationships, establish subject matter expertise, generate leads, glean meaningful insight from data, and even establish and improve your reputation amongst stakeholder communities, LinkedIn is every B2B marketer’s platform of choice. But if you still need convincing, here are the 7 reasons why LinkedIn should be top of mind for business outreach. 

1. Awareness and Brand Reputation

LinkedIn is an invaluable platform that you can use to magnify your online presence, especially for businesses catering to other companies. Considering that two professionals sign up to LinkedIn every second, the platform provides businesses with the opportunity to connect with an ever-growing number of contacts. Both the personal and group features in LinkedIn enable companies to magnify their social visibility and overall brand reputation.

2. High Percentage of Decision Makers

Quality is more important than quantity. LinkedIn may not have the lion’s share of users when stacked up against Facebook or Twitter compared to other social media platforms. Still, it certainly has the greatest concentration of high-profile leaders. A staggering 43% of its members are decision-makers. 23.5 million members in the UK are on LinkedIn, amounting to more than half of the working population. Over 10 million of them are in a position of influence to make decisions in their organizations.

3. Insights Gleaned from LinkedIn Marketing Analytics

When you opt to run a campaign via LinkedIn Marketing to drive conversions, LinkedIn provides a snippet of code [that should be] installed in your website, giving you complete visibility on campaign analytics. It enables you to track website conversions from your LinkedIn ads, continually optimize your campaigns, retarget your website visitors, and glean relevant insight from your audience.

4. Laser-Focused Lead-Generation

LinkedIn is arguably the best platform to generate B2B leads. Its robust search filters enable you to laser-focus on your target audience through various options of identifying potential leads, attracting them with highly-personalized messages, engaging with them until they become customers, and turning them into brand cohorts by continuing to delight them. A dynamic combination of constant listening, social participation and engagement, content sharing, and networking play a part in achieving this. Networking with potential clients and marketing to them makes it easier to hone in on your relevant audience. Additionally, never underestimate the power of answering questions on LinkedIn. Doing so enables you to demonstrate your expertise concretely. 

5. Subject Matter Expertise/Thought Leadership

LinkedIn’s features allow professionals to position themselves as subject matter experts or thought leaders in their industry. By regularly publishing high-quality content, developing and improving your profile, and maximizing opportunities to engage with other professionals and relevant stakeholder communities by answering questions, you build your persona as a trusted advisor in your field. The perception of leadership and reputation work in tandem with influence. The whole point of Linked networking, after all, is to provide you with ample opportunities to engage other influencers.

6. Social-CRM Integration

Chances are, you’re already using some Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Most Social CRM solutions already provide integrations with LinkedIn like HubSpot or ActiveCampaign, to name a few. A great benefit of integrating your CRM with LinkedIn is that it gives you real-time visibility on what your contacts are doing on LinkedIn. This data can provide valuable information on their preferences and behaviors from which you can glean insight. 

7.Traffic generation

An often under-appreciated aspect of LinkedIn is its ability to generate traffic and build links. Much like other social networks, LinkedIn’s social sharing button enables you to share your content right within your status updates and in LinkedIn communities in which you are affiliated. The impact of your business-related content is all the more magnified when presented to the right audience. Statistically, business content gets shared more often via LinkedIn than with other platforms like Facebook or Instagram.



Notwithstanding the dominance of Facebook and Instagram in terms of the sheer volume of users and its magnitude and impact on B2C marketing, LinkedIn is the most relevant platform for B2B marketers looking to target its intended audience with laser accuracy. Suppose you’re in the market for developing professional relationships, establishing subject matter expertise with the right buyer personas, and continuing to engage with prospects in a more informative manner. In that case, LinkedIn should be the most invaluable instrument in your B2B toolkit.


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