7 Killer Content Ideas for Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy


As a growing brand, you should focus on churning high-quality content consistently. But, we always hit a wall when generating exciting content ideas. To help you with that, we have shortlisted seven highly trending content ideas you can post on social media. Feel free to use and share these must-have social media content ideas. Let’s get started!


Explainer videos

Video is the most active form of content on social media at the moment, and you must develop a solid video marketing strategy. Most importantly, focus on creating explainer videos that hook the audience and keep them engaged till the very end. Explainer videos are essentially ‘how-to’ videos that convey information more effectively than text or pictures.



Are you willing to share some complex concepts with your audience? Do you want to share information about a process? We suggest you use infographics as they help provide information in an easy-to-understand and appealing visual form. You can always begin by creating traditional infographics and later incorporate video to post video infographics. 


User-Generated content

This is the most effective social media content that your brand will benefit from the most. User-Generated Content or UGC is essentially the content your followers or customers prepare for you! You can compensate the customers that create UGC content for your brand. Now, UGC content makes an impact like ‘Word-of-Mouth’ marketing. The potential customers that see people liking your products and services also want to engage with your brand!



This is the easiest form of content that, interestingly, brings a lot of social media engagement. Social media audience loves quotes, especially if they are relatable. Quotes are easy to create and highly shareable pieces of content that can generate interest. Find what your audience likes and create quotes or use quotes of famous people accordingly.


Tips and tricks

Can you help your audience solve problems quickly? Create a series of tips and tricks that target your audiences’ common issues in daily life. Such suggestions and tricks are perfect for social media content. Moreover, you can create tips from your blog posts and eBooks and use the content to drive traffic to the blog!



Social media is all about sharing. If you value your audience and want it to establish a strong bond with your brand, you will create content that makes them feel like a part of the community. Behind-the-scenes content humanizes your brand and makes it more approachable on social media. 


Blog posts

Don’t just publish blog posts and eBooks on your official website. Start sharing them on social media too. Social media can be a highly effective traffic source for your website if you play your cards right. While sharing blog posts on social media, make sure you create a caption that triggers the right emotions and curiosity.