Don’t Make These Six Twitter Mistakes in 2022!


Twitter can be tricky. One lousy post and your followers will start running away from your page as if somebody set it on fire. It’s pretty common to see pages lose traction and follower count on Twitter. But, can you do something to stop that from happening? Can you tweak your Twitter marketing strategy in a way that people stop hitting that unfollow button? Fortunately, you can. Here are some of the reasons why people unfollow you on Twitter. Let’s discuss them in detail.



1. Zero consistency in posting

Most brands fail to stay consistent with their content and frequency on Twitter. They either don’t often post or post too often. These mistakes can make the followers abandon your page and go for your competitors. When your post shows up on a feed after a long time, your followers will not even remember following you! And that might make them unfollow your page. The followers will eventually tune out if you bombard the feed with constant messages.



2. Posting only ads

When you only use Twitter to run ads for your brand, you are just pushing your audience away. Indeed, Twitter can be an effective tool to generate leads and sales. But, it is essentially a social media platform where people expect you to be a part of the conversation. Customers are savvy, and they will know that you are on the platform just for the profits. The distrust will make them unfollow your Twitter page.



3. Negligible engagement

Ask yourself – ‘how much do you respond to the mentions and tweets in your industry?’ Your potential and existing customers want to interact with you. That’s the only reason why they will mention you on Twitter. When you ignore the conversations and do not use Twitter as customer support, you will lose followers. Engage with your followers and tweets related to you and the industry you are in. 



4. Lack of interesting content

Twitter is a happening social media platform. Delivering boring content and conversation is like digging a grave for yourself. Create a team of social media marketers active on Twitter and know what’s trending. Develop posts to be a part of the trend, making sure your audience easily relates to them. Create high-quality, valuable, entertaining, and informative content on the regular.



5. Copying the competitors

Don’t copy others on Twitter. It is an unforgiving social media platform where people won’t hesitate to expose your brand. Stay true to your brand and create original content. Indeed, you will have to conduct competitor analysis before creating a content strategy. But, it would be best if you always aimed to stand out on Twitter. 



6. You don’t target the right audience

Lastly, don’t create content for the general public. Niche down to your target audience! This will require extensive audience analysis and determining the target buyer persona. You might be creating the best content on the platform. But, it will not work or generate desired results if you target the wrong audience.