Email Marketing Automation: Pros and Cons You Must Know


Why do we introduce automation to a process? Chances are that the process isn’t functioning to the best of its abilities. Automation eliminates human intervention in processes that are repeating and monotonous and makes the process more efficient. But does it have the same impact on email marketing? We will share the pros and cons of email marketing automation in this post. Stay with us till the end to draw your conclusion. Let’s get started!


What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation or email automation allows brands and individuals to send action-triggered emails to subscribers. Email automation can couple with your sales funnel to ensure the customers receive the emails whenever they take action and move further in the buyer journey. It ensures that emails reach the right people at the right time and with the right message.


Pros of email marketing automation

Email marketing automation is cost-effective. It is cheaper than most traditional forms of marketing. However, you might have to hire a company that has expertise in email marketing automation. Don’t worry about that, though. We are just a call away!

Speed is a massive advantage of email automation. As we mentioned earlier, email marketing works best when the message reaches the right person at the right time. With automation, you know that the potential customers will receive the emails as they move further inside the sales funnel.

Moreover, email automation helps increase the campaign’s conversion rate by producing valuable insights into the audience’s behavior. The information can be used to create better campaigns in the future.

It also helps you save time! Repetitive tasks can be automated, and the time can improve other aspects of your marketing strategy. Now, let’s discuss the potential drawbacks of email automation.


Cons of email marketing automation

Messages sent through email automation can end up in the recipient’s spam folder. This is a considerable disadvantage, especially when you are sharing crucial messages with your customers. However, this problem may arise when one of your recipients marks your email as spam.

Another massive drawback of email marketing automation is sharing messages that are irrelevant to the recipients. This is an issue that can be resolved by conducting an in-depth audience analysis. We suggest you hire expert email marketers that have excellent experience in producing effective email marketing campaigns.

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