Growth For The New Year, 2022.

A message from CEO of Growth Co Marketing, Will Hobick:

End Of Year Note

Happy New Year from all of us at Growth Co Marketing!

Our team has had quite the year. Zain and I officially launched Growth Co Marketing on October 1st – quickly hiring a group of six marketing experts and generating thousands of dollars for our clients. We learned a tremendous amount and found the direction we wanted the agency to grow. As a team, we believe that Growth Co Marketing is ready to take off in Q1 of 2022.

Now let’s review what we learned and how we plan to move forward in the new year.


What We Learned

Scaling is hard, create SOPs for everything, delegate with trust.

Scaling Is Hard

Let’s face it. Should you focus on client work or internal growth first? That’s a question Zain and I worked hard to answer during our first few months of starting a full-service agency. We found ourselves working 12 hour days: 8 hours on client work with 4 hours for internal growth. There was a constant battle to determine which metrics to measure, what tasks to put first and where to move our resources. Together, we found it more important to focus on fewer services with more significant results. This allowed for procedural creation, proper hiring and standardization for practical scaling efforts. This critical insight has forced us to rethink our business model and make changes in 2022.

Created SOPs For Everything

Taking an extra five minutes to record and document every new process in your business is vital to scaling efforts. Without this, it’s impossible to achieve perfection with operations. Our team found that out the hard way as new hires were onboarded. It’s no fun teaching people how to do the same thing five different times while trying to remember every nitty-gritty detail. Instead, using Loom or another recording software allowed our team to create SOPs for repetitive tasks. We could then identify processes requiring automation with tools like Zapier or Integromat. This change allowed our team to take 5 minutes more the first time to eliminate the need to do it five more times. Now with our systems and processes documented, our team has an easier time executing tasks and getting the job done.

We plan to continue to find more ways to ensure our systems and processes are continuously documented and efficient.

Delegate With Trust

I always lived by the motto, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.” Partnering with Zain forced me to change that mindset – a change that allows me to manage better, delegate employee work more effectively and remain more productive. Without proper delegation and trust, I held the team back and micromanaged. Zain was a proponent of encouraging employees, teaching them to do it the right way and approaching tasks with a mindset of “how can I properly break this task down?” first. As I still learn proper delegation techniques, the team is in a better spot going into 2022 with additional trust, encouragement and collaboration efforts.


Making Changes, Moving Forward

Our goal for 2022: Expand within the consulting and coaching niche, introduce new specialized service offerings and serve enterprise SaaS clients while opening offices in New York and Miami.

Here is how we are ensuring client success for Q1 of 2022:

New Automations

Our team took internal development to the next level in December. Building out systems entirely from the ground up, we’ve begun to roll out new features into the Growth Co Smart Hub CRM. We plan to slowly roll out new features in Q1, including social media management (a Buffer/Hootsuite alternative) for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn! Additionally, we’re working to integrate our LinkedIn Automation service into the CRM with options for smart sequences and email automation to revolutionize the lead generation process for B2B sales.

We’ll also be welcoming a new dedicated CRM success manager to work full time on the system to help clients with account set up, automation creation and more! With integration with Zapier, our team is working to provide a full-suite process setup – integrating with Slack, other CRMs of your choice, and task management tools too!

New Hires

Your read that right – new hires! Our team is onboarding five new hires in January to ensure your success throughout 2022. Most importantly is our new Director of Operations, Camille Marbella! Camille has several years of experience managing administrative and digital marketing teams as a full-stack digital marketing professional.

In addition to Camille, we are onboarding two new Account Managers, a second Social Media Manager and a CRM Success Manager to boost productivity and ensure growth for our clients in 2022.

Updated Processes

Our team built new processes from scratch throughout December. What does that mean for you? We’re excited to launch new processes for client onboarding, monthly invoicing, end-of-month reporting, task management and more! We’ll be working to continue automating the client experience throughout 2022!

New Services Offerings

We’re always searching for new ways to help our clients! That means offering a new Do-It-For-You (DIFY) Google Ad Grant Service – offering $10,000 of free google ad spend, every month, for life. Interested? Chat with us and see if this service is a good fit for you!

Growth Co Marketing is also excited to announce the launch of FISH – helping startups and private equity funds navigate the ocean of raising. As a startup, it’s vital to stick out from the school of fish. With a full-service approach to raising, startups can be confident that their branding, marketing, and outreach will be aligned as it is all managed for you. As a fund, it’s eat or be eaten. FISH will help you manage the depths of raising by managing outreach, offering access to Pitchbook and more!


A Final Note

We’re excited for 2022, and you should be too. We’re ready to serve our clients and help them reach their short-term and long-term goals.

Have additional questions about what our team is working on in 2022? Let’s chat.