How to Quickly Create an Effective LinkedIn Profile


Creating a LinkedIn profile is a great decision, especially if you are a student or a professional searching for a job. It is an essential online platform that will help you develop your professional network. Not just that, it allows employers to check your skills and contact you for a suitable position. So, how can you create a unique LinkedIn profile to improve your chances of employment? Let’s find out.


1) Create a summary that reflects your purpose

The profile summary is one of the most critical pieces of information recruiters will consume on your profile. After all, it shows who you are and what you intend to accomplish with your professional and personal life. Prepare a summary, keeping in mind that a potential recruiter might read it. Add skills, interests, passions, and motivations that make you unique. Let the creativity flow!


2) Use a picture that shows the professional you

Everything that you put on LinkedIn should reflect your professionalism. Accept this as a rule of thumb – “Anything that is not professional is inappropriate on LinkedIn.” So, add a high-quality, bright, and clear profile picture. Use a simple background to help recruiters remember your face. Crop the image so that only your face is visible in the profile picture.


3) Add education and current position

When you add education or previous/current employment, it will become easier to grow your connections on LinkedIn. Not just that, it will get easier for recruiters to find on the platform. Don’t ignore the attributes related to education. Fill in the degree type and the years spent studying. Add certifications, internships, and previous job positions if you can. 


4) Include five or more skills in the profile

Many recruiters are looking for specific skills and are not concerned with your education or professional career. So, add the skills you spent time learning in school or college or working in an organization. Take some time to research other profiles that you find perfect for your industry. Please make a list of skills you should have and start learning them. Add once you perfect the shortlisted skills.


5) Share your location to get more profile visits

Add location to your profile so recruiters looking for candidates in your geographic area can connect with you. The information can even help your network grow since ‘location’ can be used as a filter on the search page. It is an excellent way to improve your visibility on LinkedIn.


6) Be a part of the online conversation

Lastly, don’t forget that LinkedIn is a social media channel. To get better at it, you will have to become a part of the conversation happening around your industry. Create content and publish it on your profile. Share relevant posts and encourage people to comment. The idea is to create a meaningful relationship with your professional network.