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Get $10,000 of free google ads
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Gain access to $10,000in free Google Ads each month!


Google's Ad Grant offers eligible non-profit organizations $10,000 of monthly Google ad spend. Through the Growth Through Grants Program, Growth Co Marketing prepares all applications needed for the grant and guarantees approval for your non-profit or your money back. You can then use the free ad spend to drive the public to your website for possible donations, product offers, free webinars, access to materials and more!

Upon approval of the Ad Grant, Growth Co Marketing can help you manage month to month ad management to drive up to three conversation actions while meeting monthly to provide insights on popular keywords, conversion reports, strategy sessions and more to ensure proper use of the free $10,000 in ad spend each month.

Google Ad Grant Highlights – $10,000/Mo In Free Ad Spend

Free Ad Spend of $10,000 a month equal to $120,000 each year or $1.2M over 10-years

Renewed Automatically Each Month While Eligible

Sponsored/Provided By Google Upon Approval

What’s Included In Our “Done-For-You” Program?

Market Research: Identification of competitors, search terms, and trends in your industry

Growth Strategy: Alignment of your business goals with your philanthropic goals

Landing Page Development: Creation of your organization’s ad landing pages

File Preparation & Submission: Creation and submission of all applications needed to obtain your grant

100% Approval Rate: We’ve seen a 100% approval rating among 200+ industries

Monthly Ad Management: We manage everything month to month for your converting Google Ads

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We work until we get approval of the grant at no additional charge

Get your money back if you are not approved after multiple submissions or receive outright rejection from Google

Access the Google Ad Grant or get your money back!

GROWTH THROUGH GRANTS PROGRAMUpon Approval, We'll Manage Your Ads!

Upon approval of the ad grant, we offer full-service monthly ad management. “Full-service” means we do everything from keyword research to ad copy writing, account maintenance, analytics reporting, monthly strategy sessions and more! This means you can take full advantage of the ad grant while remaining compliant with hands off of ad management month to month.

What’s Included In Our Monthly Ads Management?

Technical Set-Up: Set up Google Analytics, AdWords, conversion codes and tracking on your website

Ad Writing: Research keywords, create ad groups, and update campaigns regularly

Landing Page Management: Monthly suggestions on landing page adjustments and improvements

Reporting: Detailed analytics on CTR, conversions, website traffic, top performing keywords and more

Compliance: Compliance of your ad grant to ensure continual use of free $10,000 monthly ad spend

Consulting: Working closely with you to determine conversion goals, strategies and campaigns

If $10,000 of free ad spend could help your non-profit, then the Growth Through Grants Program is perfect for you.
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This is your opportunity to reach millions of people with your educational online content, videos, blogs and more all with the help of free advertising grants. Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more information on the do-it-for-you program.