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We recommend you read the FAQ in its entirety before the introduction call. This will allow you to have a better understanding of next steps, what the program looks like, etc.

1. Can grants like the Google Ad Grant help me get in front of the public and educate them?

Absolutely! Are people using Google to search for organizations like yours? The answer is almost always YES. Google has over 1 billion searches a day and there’s a good chance that people are “Googling” for blogs, videos, presentations, information, or services related to the niche you’re operating in.

Yes – you can leverage grants like the Google Ad Grant to help get in front of more people.

2. So, the more I educate people the better it is for my non-profit?

Google is an intent-driven platform, which means that people search for something specific that’s on their mind – it’s intentional. If they are searching for something related to your niche, why wouldn’t you want them to come across your content to get the right information or resources. Become top of mind by creating the go-to resource in your niche.

3. Will I be sharing free information or can I request donations or volunteers?

In today’s digital era, organizations are generally giving out free information and offering value to their visitors without expectation of volunteering or donating.

We recommend using the ads to spread knowledge and awareness in a way that has the maximum impact. If you believe that you can share free content upfront and let people decide if they’d like to continue a relationship – that’s probably a good way to go about it and to ensure compliance.

4. So, educate through my non-profit, and that will result in more donations, volunteering and outreach?

That’s how the most successful non-profits to do it.

The goal of a non-profit is to educate people without the expectation of it leading to a transaction – whether a donation or something else.

The better your educational content, the more likely people will turn into potential volunteers or donors, so why not focus your attention on developing and giving away your best stuff.

You can out-teach and outspend the competition with an extra $10,000 a month to gain more recognition, credibility, and authority in your non-profit niche.

5. Do I need a website for my non-profit to get access to grants?

Yes! In order to secure approval from all levels of registrations and audits, we need to use specific language on the website and position it in a specific way to get the buy-in from all parties involved.

The best part? Our do-it-for-you service handles all this set up for you! We’ll work with you to secure a domain and built out a content heavy website on your behalf.

6. What are the requirements to stay in compliance?

Google and other companies are willing to provide you with a lifetime of free advertising and in exchange, they expect you to take the account seriously and spend time and effort to ensuring your ads are of high-quality and your pages and content has been well thought out and curated. We believe that’s a fair deal!

7. When do the grants expire?

There is no expiration!

The way we apply for the grant is to have it renew itself every day – indefinitely!

Disclaimer: Of course, if Google closes down or shuts down the grant program, this opportunity may not exist, although we do not see that happening anytime soon. It’s a good idea to leverage it while it’s still around.

They had a similar program that awarded corporations with $40,000 a month. Only those who qualified previously are still on that program. In other words – take advantage of the program while you can.

8. Why would companies do this – sounds too good to be true?

Google and other organizations generate over $200 billion a year in revenue.

There are roughly 40,000 organizations that are a part the Google Ad Grant – a highly selective program. That’s close to $4.5 billion in potential tax breaks for Google plus the goodwill, trustworthiness, and good reputation that they gain from giving away money for social, educational, and social causes.

We will help you structure your non-profit in a way that you’ll be able to qualify for grants and donations from hundreds of corporations.

9. Can I use existing content I’ve created for the program?


If you already have good educational content, you can definitely use that. We recommend having a simple site that contains a home page, about us page, and a blog section with 6-10 blogs or training videos to get through the process without delays. Of course, we’ll work with you to ensure you have everything you need to guarantee approval.

10. Who manages the thousands in free advertising grants?

We’re here to manage that for you – or you can use your own in-house team!

Our team of experts have managed Google ads and other advertising grants for 100+ organizations. We know how to set up proper landing pages, create copy and ads that convert, etc. We’ll work with you each month to analyze keywords, write attention-grabbing copy and more. You’re welcome to work with another organization to manage your ads, or make it easy on yourself and work with us month-to-month!

11. Do you have a referral program or join-venture program?

Yes – of course!

More than 60% of our business comes from referrals from our own clients.

We offer months of free ad management for each referral. We handle the entire process and convert the leads as well – you sit back and collect a commission for each referral.

We can discuss that on the consultation call in more depth – it has turned out to be a fairly lucrative option for many of our strategic partners!

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